October 5, 2005

Mission Statement

My mission is to work at a job that I enjoy, to have a lifestyle that makes me happy, and to always have my priorities in order.
This mission statement was somewhat difficult to develop. I did this project in another class however it was completely based on my future career. I don't really have any high aspirations for my career. I just want a job that I can tolerate (hopefully one that I can enjoy) and life that I can love. My job does not really mean that much to me. I really only care about the type of people that I work with.

I suppose that my mission statement may tell people that I wouldn't work that well with a team because I don't really care abou thte job.. However, that is not true. Every job that I have had I have tried my best at, even if I don't like it. I work in teams and I think I work well in teams. My mission statement says that I will have a job when I am older. My main goal in regards to my job is to have one that I like, this is really the only reason why I go to school, to be qualified for a job that I like.

I also plan to have a family one day and a job that I like will make things easier on everybody. Once I have a family of my own, my motivation will probably be geared towards providing a good home for them. For now, most of my motivation comes from the desire to do well. My desire to do well has to do with having my priorities in order. A priority of mine is to not be ashamed of my actions. By trying my best with every action, I am keeping in line with my priorities and therefore, my mission statement.

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