October 6, 2005

Dysfunctional roles

The dysfunctional role that I worry about the msot is the distractor. It is somewhat strange too because sometimes I think that distractions are needed to relief stress. But I also think that there is a fine line between constructive distractions and destructive distractions. A distraction like we discussed in class, ordering food for everyone, or just taking a break in a meeting, I think that those are good for a group dynamic. It is just like how i think that humor and relaxation are good things.

And as I said, there is a fine line. I tend joke around too often in meetings, and this may be harmful for the group.. I guess the best thing to do to help this behavior is to keep track of time better. Maybe if I kept track of time then the realization would set in that we need to really get things done. Also I think that when you have a good team and everyone understands how the other people are then it is easier for other people to keep you on track as well. I also think that if there is a task that REALLY needs to get done, I would be able to step up, and if it is a good team, then everyone else would be able to step up as well.

Also, a good way for me to deal with my distracting behavior is probably to just remember to keep myself on task. I generally don't distract people just because I am uncomfortable with conflict, as the book says, it's just generally because I am bored. So a solution for me would be to just remember that the task we are doing is important and needs to get done.

By the way, in thh book why is the distractor always referred to as a her?

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