November 16, 2005

After our Group Presentation...

I think that my group worked pretty well together. I'm not sure how to describe the roles in the group. We were altogether pretty relaxed in our meetings and our group was relaxed with presenting. My motivation was honestly pretty low until a few days before we had to present. We spilt up the work so I'm not exactly sure how the other group members did with distribution of work time but I definately left things until the last minute.
Everyone's attitude in the group, again, was pretty relaxed the enitre time. We got distracted sometimes but since we all knew that this needed to get done we would always quickly get back onto topic.
The only regret that I have is that I didn't try to pick a part that invovled more of a speech than a discussion. Since I like to speak in front of people and I found that I wasn't that good with tthe discussion part. I was also kind of thinking that I should have been like the first group with giving the candy for participating, and not just to everyone at the end. Their group had alot of responses for the discussion. The only reason why I didn't was because when the other group gave candy away for the participation then the discussion became unstructured because everyone was yelling out their answers.
In future discussions that I run I will make more of an effort to get people participating, maybe start to call on people.

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