November 22, 2005

Tipping Point Reflections

Well, something that I liked about the Tipping Point novel was the relateablility of the information. I said this in class, but I really do think that anyone can read this book and relate it to their own live's in one aspect or another. An example of this was in looking at our discussions in class. Priscilla made a comment about her church and the magic number of 150. We also talked about cigarettes and smoking when drinking. We also talked about the jingles that we remember and how they are sticky. There were so many very different comments made about the book and very different examples of principles in the book that really proves my idea that everyone can take away something from this book.

I did also enjoy the diffusion of innovation model in my chapter, chapter six. I didn't really talk about it that much because I wanted to leave a sufficient amount of time for people to discuss. But I did really enjoy this model. I liek the idea that there are these innovators and that there is a gap between them and everyone else. I liked that Translators are people that help get ideas from these innovators over to the rest of the population. I just really like ther relationship that was made there.

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