December 13, 2005

Final Blog!

There weren't really any topics that I felt needed any further clarification. I felt that the jost inforamtive activity for me was the teach the class activity. I enjoyed all of the discussion. Sometimes my classmates end up losing my attention a few times throughout their presentation. This is no fault of their own, it's just that in a classroom lecture the professor is trained and wants to be in front of the classroom, my peers however, really aren't rained in making me learn and holding my attention.

I though that the tipping point discussions really kept my attention and helped me learn alot more about the chapters than just reading the book. With presentations I may have a question but I tend to forget it by the end. I took alot more out of the tipping point than I think that I did from the other books.

I felt like I could have gotten alot more out of WebQuest if I had had more time to prepare and a longer time to speak. Instead of being concerned with the actualy content I was more concerned with how I was going to fit a good amount of information into about a three minute period. I haven't started the paper yet, but I do think that I will tak emuch more out of that assignment than the speech.

I think that the class was exactly what I thought that it would be and I took more out of it than I expected.

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