September 20, 2005

Six Months To Live...

Six Months to live..... What would I do??? If I had six months to live then I would drop out of school right away, 4 years of school is nothing if I'm thinking that I have at least 50 years left in me, and even though I do think that school is important, I think that being with the people I care about and havng fun is more important. I am assuming htat I have 6 "good" months, six months were I am not just in a hospital having visitors and pre-planned meals. I would go sky-diving, I know that that it is EXTREMELY cliche, however, it is something that I have always wanted to do. I would move back to Milwaukee to be with my family. I think that I would take my sister on a vacation, my sister and I get along so well that a few days alone with her would be great. I would visit Canada to see my grandparents. Right now, I do have a serious boyfriend and I would spend alot of time with him too. I think that I would want to spend as much time with all of them as possible. I am also not sure that I would want to tell my family members about my situation until after my "healthy" period. I wouldn't want them to always be sad during this period, I wouldn't want to basically ruin my six months by having to deal with all off the emotions, I would want to enjoy myself. I know that it would be very selfish of me not to tell them, but if I were six months from death, I would be completely selfish. Also, honestly, I would have sex alot.

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September 13, 2005

Characteristics that define an effective team

Well, I'm not so sure about characteristics needed in my field since I have yet to get into my desired field. But, in school and in my past jobs I have foudn that the most productive teams generally consist of very different people. People that have different personalities bring differen thtings to the group. Some people actually prefer to record, or do the math aspcts of everything. Some people like to come up with ideas, some like to delegate, and some like to research.

I was a marketing intern with a Staffing agency and when we would hold meetings all the different departments would bring new ideas to how we should change our policies in regards to marketing. Everyone has different techniques that work best for them so when teams discuss everyone has different experiences to bring in and draw from. Something that annoys me, personally, in groups, teams, or any type of discussion setting people is when people dwell on unimportant issues and wastes everyone's time. This is why I think that a strong leader in a group is very important, there needs to be someone to manage time effectively.

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September 8, 2005

Emotional Intelligence Rating

Well, I'd say that I fair pretty well on the scale of emotional intelligence. The thing is, i've basically hung out with alot of similar people and so I understand and can communicate with all of them. I have had 3 different jobs that are three completely different environments and I have gotten along well with all of my employees.

There are some people that I just cannot understand however and I think that this is where I get downgraded in the whole emotional intelligence thing. There are some people that I have worked with at a Staffing agency over the summer in Milwaukee that just will not work. They are so lazy. And due to my opinion of them I find myself being a bit rude to them. I think that this is my major downfall in the emotional intelligence department...the fact that I cannot really seperate my aggrevation with them from my work personality in some cases, I do not really control myself well in that circusmstance.

I believe that when using my emotional intelligence in groups I am actually pretty good with making people look at all of the angles of the situation. Even if we look at a solution and I think, this must be the right solution. I still tend to look deeper and evaluate all of hte possible solutions and try to rule the wrong ones out. I'm not quite sure how this relates to Emotional Intelligence. It could be realted to persuasion. This could also be a sort of self-regulation because I am regulating myself by not automatically going for my instinct, but looking deeper into a situation..

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Well, my name is Erica Balasko. I am an applied Economics major in my third year. I plan on graduating next fall.....operative word being "plan". I was born in Canada but have lived in a few different places. My permanent residence is in Milwaukee, I do live in a house on campus during the school year. I enjoy hanging out with friends and all the normal college student stuff. I 'm not quite sure what else to say so I will share an interesting fact: I was born with a sixth toe, but don't was removed when I was three months old.

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