October 26, 2005

Reflections on Breeze

The breeze activity was very helpful with our group's discussion. I like that it was so easy to insert links. It was not that hard to figure out the tone that people would actually say things in because the people in my group used emoticons and also it was very easy because I have actually met all of my team members, this makes it easier to imagine how they would be saying all of the things out loud. I liked that there were also tools on there that you could draw or sketch something for the group....to make the point clearer. I thought for this project, learning how to use it and stuff, we didn't get as much work done as we could have. A problem with it was that I would be researching online and there would be a conversation going on and i wouldn't know it at all. But otherwise, I thought that it was a pretty good resource.

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October 18, 2005

Emotional Intelligence Reflection

I think that the Emtional Intelligence issue was based mostly on common sense. I don't want that statement to misinterpreted to mean useless. Even though the concepts are basic, not everyone applies them to working with their teams. I think that the "prevent relapse", "reinforce change", and "evaluate" parts in the chart in Goleman's book in chapter 11 were very good ones to apply to most business tasks. To do thesse things when referring to emotional intelligence is very helpful too. One must keep evaluating themselves to keep growing. Some examples of an evaluation are inventories or a paper liek the one we wrote in class. These things are very helpful to realize strengths and weaknesses. They are also helpful for self-confidence because you can see how well you have improved from the last time that you took an inventory.

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October 6, 2005

Dysfunctional roles

The dysfunctional role that I worry about the msot is the distractor. It is somewhat strange too because sometimes I think that distractions are needed to relief stress. But I also think that there is a fine line between constructive distractions and destructive distractions. A distraction like we discussed in class, ordering food for everyone, or just taking a break in a meeting, I think that those are good for a group dynamic. It is just like how i think that humor and relaxation are good things.

And as I said, there is a fine line. I tend joke around too often in meetings, and this may be harmful for the group.. I guess the best thing to do to help this behavior is to keep track of time better. Maybe if I kept track of time then the realization would set in that we need to really get things done. Also I think that when you have a good team and everyone understands how the other people are then it is easier for other people to keep you on track as well. I also think that if there is a task that REALLY needs to get done, I would be able to step up, and if it is a good team, then everyone else would be able to step up as well.

Also, a good way for me to deal with my distracting behavior is probably to just remember to keep myself on task. I generally don't distract people just because I am uncomfortable with conflict, as the book says, it's just generally because I am bored. So a solution for me would be to just remember that the task we are doing is important and needs to get done.

By the way, in thh book why is the distractor always referred to as a her?

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October 5, 2005

Mission Statement

My mission is to work at a job that I enjoy, to have a lifestyle that makes me happy, and to always have my priorities in order.
This mission statement was somewhat difficult to develop. I did this project in another class however it was completely based on my future career. I don't really have any high aspirations for my career. I just want a job that I can tolerate (hopefully one that I can enjoy) and life that I can love. My job does not really mean that much to me. I really only care about the type of people that I work with.

I suppose that my mission statement may tell people that I wouldn't work that well with a team because I don't really care abou thte job.. However, that is not true. Every job that I have had I have tried my best at, even if I don't like it. I work in teams and I think I work well in teams. My mission statement says that I will have a job when I am older. My main goal in regards to my job is to have one that I like, this is really the only reason why I go to school, to be qualified for a job that I like.

I also plan to have a family one day and a job that I like will make things easier on everybody. Once I have a family of my own, my motivation will probably be geared towards providing a good home for them. For now, most of my motivation comes from the desire to do well. My desire to do well has to do with having my priorities in order. A priority of mine is to not be ashamed of my actions. By trying my best with every action, I am keeping in line with my priorities and therefore, my mission statement.

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