December 13, 2005

Final Blog!

There weren't really any topics that I felt needed any further clarification. I felt that the jost inforamtive activity for me was the teach the class activity. I enjoyed all of the discussion. Sometimes my classmates end up losing my attention a few times throughout their presentation. This is no fault of their own, it's just that in a classroom lecture the professor is trained and wants to be in front of the classroom, my peers however, really aren't rained in making me learn and holding my attention.

I though that the tipping point discussions really kept my attention and helped me learn alot more about the chapters than just reading the book. With presentations I may have a question but I tend to forget it by the end. I took alot more out of the tipping point than I think that I did from the other books.

I felt like I could have gotten alot more out of WebQuest if I had had more time to prepare and a longer time to speak. Instead of being concerned with the actualy content I was more concerned with how I was going to fit a good amount of information into about a three minute period. I haven't started the paper yet, but I do think that I will tak emuch more out of that assignment than the speech.

I think that the class was exactly what I thought that it would be and I took more out of it than I expected.

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December 7, 2005

Hem and Haw...

I definately have been in a rut like that before. Ober the summer I worked as a marketing intern at a staffing agency. I liked that I had a full time job and I liked how much I made, except I hated the work. My boss (the owner of the company) was somewhat crazy. She would forget to tell me things, then get mad at me for never doing these tasks that she never told me about. Actually, the there was a Hem and Haw calendar at the front desk and my boss would refer to Hem and Haw all the time.

The fact that she would refer to Hem and Haw at all was very surprising to me since she hates change. I once changed the label of a file on teh computer from temp files to temporary files and I got a 35 minute lecture because of it. There was actually a policy that read that creativity was detrimental to work and that it is discouraged in the workplace.

It was very hard to work at this place. After a few weeks of just dredding work I decided that I would just go, do my job, and try to make the best of the situation. So I would go into work, do whatever pointless task I was told to do and I wouldn't let it bother me. Not letting the silly things bothered me really helped. I just kind of chose to make the rest of my summer good by not letting my dislike for my work affect my mood.

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