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by Alexa Ball

A story ran by CNN on a major car pile up on a major interstate in Flordia did not start out with the typical hard story news lead that you would normally read.

The lead if the story titled Florida interstate crashes 'horrendous,' victim says; 10 dead from CNN reads as follows:
"After the crashes stopped, Steven Camps said all he could hear was the sound of crying as the air, heavy with smoke, shone red from vehicle fires."

The lead details the who right away, even though we are completely unaware of who this man, Steven Camps is. There is no when, or where listed. We are also forced to infer what the story is going to be about. We are able to understand that there are vehicles on fire and people are crying, so we assume there has been some sort of accident.

Usually breaking news stories, such as this one, do not start out this way. In the news lead you get the most information possible and get more specific details like the name of a man involved and what he heard later in the story.

I believe the writer chose an alternative approach to add more emphasis and drama to the story. This news lead is much more of an attention grabber that will lead us to want to read more of the story.

Mounds View couple found dead

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by Alexa Ball

A man and woman were found dead in their Mounds View home by police on Wednesday according to the Pioneer Press.

The Star Tribune reports that the couple has been identified as Mark Schnor, 47, and his wife Christine Schnor, 39.

A hand gun was found at the place of death and both Mark Schnor suffered a single gunshot to the head. It appears Mark Schnor was the shooter. The deaths have not been declared a murder-suicide by authorities but Mounds View Police Chief Thomas Kinney said, "It is consistent with that scenario," according to the Star Tribune.

Relatives had not talked to the couple in a week and called the police to investigate. Police noted no signs of forced entry and had to break down the door to enter the Schnor's home. The couple was then found in their bed, which was located in the living room according to the Star Tribune.

by Alexa Ball

17 year old girl collapsed at work and was rushed to the hospital due to her diet consisting of only McDonalds chicken nuggets and french fries. Doctors found that she has anemia and inflamed veins on her tongue according to the Daily Mail.

Stacy Irvine says she has an addiction to chicken nuggets and has eaten little else since the age of two according to The Sun.

Doctors now warn that the poor diet could kill her. She was so deficient on vitamins after checking into the hospital that she had to be injected with them according to the Daily Mail.

The Sun reports, "she's been told in no uncertain terms that she'll die if she carries on like this. But she says she can't eat anything else," says a friend.

Florida interstate crashes kill 10 people

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by Alexa Ball

Poor visibility from a nearby brush fire caused major accidents on the roads of northern Florida early Sunday, leaving 10 people dead according to CNN.

The 19 car pile-up killed at least 10 people and sent 18 to the hospital. The wreckage stretched for over a mile on one of the states major interstates according to the Orlando Sentinel.

One survivor told the The Gainesville Sun that, "It looked like the end of the world."

All six lanes of the major interstate were closed while firefighters put out the flames, there is no word on when it will reopen due to the flames melting part of the road according to Fox News.

by Alexa Ball

State media reports that the top International Atomic Energy Agency officials landed in Iran on Sunday after speculation of nuclear development concern was raised by the United Nations according to CNN.

The IAEA team is lead by the man in charge of Iran's nuclear file, Deputy Director General Herman Nackaerts according to Fox News.

The team arrived in Tehran early in the day to get to the bottom of Iran's nuclear weapon development, they plan to stay in the country until Tuesday stated by CNN.

In the three days the officials plan to obtain permission to speek with scientists who have been suspected of creating such weapons and gain any documentation relating to their work. The team also wants to speek with Iranian authorities about future visits to sites that are linked to allegations according to Fox News.

Lakeville father on trial for abandoning son

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by Alexa Ball

A Lakeville father has been accused of deserting his eleven-year-old son according to the Star Tribune.
Steven Cross has been charged with a gross misdemeanor for child neglect and could be looking at jail time. Cross is currently ongoing in court and fighting the charges associated with abandoning his son Sebastian.
Cross left his Sebastian in the care of a neighboring family on July 18 and fled to California. Cross was struggling financially and, according to the Star Tribune, said that he drove to California to try and get help from some long-lost relatives.
After 45 days of Sebastian living with the neighbors the police arrested Cross- He now faces a possible sentence of one year in jail according to the Pioneer Press.
Prosecutor Nicole Nee said that Cross "willfully deprived Sebastian of necessary supervision ... when he was reasonably able to make provisions."
Closing arguments on the case will occur on Wednesday morning.

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