Analysis: Attribution in story of house explosion that killed 2 children in Washington

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by Alexa Ball

CNN Report:
Fire official: 2 children dead in explosion at home of missing woman's husband

In the story of two children who were killed in a house explosion in Washington on Sunday by CNN, all of the attribution is given to the home owner and a fellow firefighter involved with the expolsion

The story credits Josh Powell, local fire official and owner of the home that exploded, and Fire and Rescue Deputy Chief Gary Franz throughout the entire report. Every fact that contains information about the explosion, the family involved and quotes given are all sourced to Powell and Franz. No other outside sources beyond the mens' words are used in the story.

Attribution occurs in every paragraph throughout the story. The writer places the source at the end of the paragraph after the information they provided.

The writer of the story does not make it confusing and it is easy to keep track of who gave what information, although it is very repetitive to state "according to" after each statement even though it is necessary.

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