Analysis: The Star Tribune v. Fox News sports page multimedia

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By Alexa Ball

The Star Tribune, Minneapolis newspaper, and Fox News use similar multimedia techniques in their home sports webpages.

Right away on the Star Tribune page there is a slideshow involving three photographs that relate to the top sports stories of the day. The slideshow slowly moves through the pictures. Each image has a short heading underneath it in large blue letters Beneath the heading there is a single sentence summing up the main point of the report that the photograph link leads to. Two out of the three pictures also have links below them that allow you to view more photography that was taken of the particular game/event.

The slideshow allows us to learn about the main action in the world of sports for that day, the writing is clear and straight to the point. We are given the most crucial information right away, and if we want to know more we just have to click our mouse.

The home sports page on the Star Tribune site also shows more pictures with captions, they are not in a slideshow format but the heading and description is the same format. These images are grouped in two sections, one for college sports and another for outdoors.

Even further down the Star Tribune's sports page we see a line-up of recent video or photography that has recently been taken. There are snapshots of the photographs and videos.

The Fox News sports home webpage gives us a video to view at the top of the page, it complies a broadcast of the top sports news of the day. This video starts with a 15 second advertisement before showing.

Further down the page, like the Star Tribune site, we see a photograph that relates with a sports story. Fox News chooses to place the heading that corresponds with the photograph above the image and has their one sentence summary below.

The Fox News sports page has no further multimedia related aspects besides the single video and one photograph.

After analyzing these two different news organizations sports webpages I find myself as a reader more drawn to the Star Tribune site. This is surprising because the Star Tribune is a much smaller organization then Fox News. I would think that the Fox News page would be much more appealing and would hold my attention longer.

I believe that I favored the Star Tribune page because of the larger amount of multimedia use. There were more pictures to look at, more links to click on. I felt more engaged.

The writing usage was extremely similar in both the Star Tribune and Fox News webpages. The headings were short and catchy and the descriptions were almost all one sentence long and summed up the main points. The wording was easy to read and not drawn out.

From analyzing I have come to the conclusion that using multimedia can add to a news story. Using photography or video can aid the readers understanding, as well as adhere to how they understand the story or report being told.

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