Family rescued in Oregon after missing for 6 days in the forest

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By Alexa Ball

A family of three was found alive Saturday after they were missing for six days in an Oregon forest according to Fox News.

The family was searching for mushrooms when they lost their way in the forest according to NY Daily News.

Daniel Conne, 47, and his wife Belinda, 47 along with their 25-year-old son were at a campsite Sunday when they disappeared according to the NY Daily News.

The family had no food or water and were all lacking warm clothing for the six days they spent lost in the woods. They took shelter in a hallowed out tree and drank from a stream to survive says Fox News.

Helicopters found the three in a clearing Saturday and immediately they were taken to the hospital. None suffered major injury according to Fox News.

"It's a miracle, really," local Sheriff John Bishop said about the rescue according to Fox News reports.

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