Minneapolis man found guilty for stabbing his friend in the heart

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By Alexa Ball

A Hennepin County jury convicted a Minneapolis man for stabbing his friend to death Thursday according to the county attorney's office said the Pioneer Press.

Kevin L. Mims, 29, was found guilty for second-degree murder and second-degree assault. Mims was charged with the murder of friend Brain D. Nelson, 20, on September 12 according to the Star Tribune.

Mims stabbed Nelson in the heart with a scissors after an argument and physical fight arose between Mims and another friend, Nelson attempted to intervene and was pierced with the blade of the scissors. The unnamed friend involved in the altercation was also stabbed but survived with only injury to his arm according to the Pioneer Press.

Mims attorney stated that he acting in self-defense says the Pioneer Press.

Further sentencing is scheduled for March 1 according to the Pioneer Press.

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