American teacher dies at a Christian school shooting in Iraq

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By Alexa Ball

An American teacher died Thursday after a disagreement between the teacher and a student lead to gunfire, according to ABC News.

18-year-old Biyar Sarwar, student of Media School in Sulaimaniya, shot his gym teacher, Jeremiah Small, 33, and then shot himself, authorities said, according to ABC News.

Small was from western Washington state, his death was confirmed by his father J. Dan Small in a facebook post that read, "Our oldest, Jeremiah, was martyred in Kurdistan this a.m.," according to ABC News.

Ahmed Mohammed, a student present at the time of the shooting, said that Sarwar was sitting in the back of the classroom and that he had paid little attention when the argument began, until he heard the gunshot and turned and saw that the American teacher was on the ground, according to Fox News.

Mayor of Sulaimaniyah, Zana Hama Saleh, declined to speculate on Sarwar's motive, Fox News said.

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