MnDOT announces that $1.1 billion will be spent on road construction

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By Alexa Ball

This year's road construction costs will total $1.1 billion and consist of more than 300 projets the Minnesota Department of Transportation announced Thursday, the Star Tribune said.

The Insterstate 35 bridge in Duluth, Interstate 694 and Highway 10 interchange in the Twin Cities are just some of the major roads included in the 316 projects that will take place over the next year, the Pioneer Press said.

"MnDOT is focused on improving our highways and maximizing the capacity of the system," Commissioner Tom Sorel of the MnDOT said. "We want to ensure that it provides a safe and efficient trip for all users," according to the Star Tribune.

The new road work will support thousands of jobs and will help the economy Sorel said, according to the Pioneer Press.

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