December 7, 2008

Man falls through Ice

A man was found in Lake Medicine on Sunday and was rushed to the hospital. He fell through the ice when he was skating and was found when a man was walking by and saw a hat floating in the water and called the police. They came and pulled the man out of the water. He had a camera around his neck and ice skates on. Police believe he was from out of town visiting relatives and has yet to be identified. The man had no pulse and was not responsive when he was rushed to the hospital and police have not released anything on his condition. The water was open on saturday night and then it snowed which could have led the man to believe that it was more frozen then it was.


Brad Pitt started an organization called Make It Right Foundation New Orleans Louisiana. The organization was started to help rebuild the New Orleans after the hurrican Katrina. The article is a interview with Larry King. He starts off the interview by asking about the family and about what Pitt thinks about new president elect Barack Obama. Then it gets into asking Pitt about his foundation. He talks about what they are doing in New Orleans and how other people can help as well. Pitt is working to rebuild the city and it will also be green living. The other article talks about the same things but has many qoutes from other people about what pitt is doing.


The UK Prime Minister, Gordan Brown has called the cholera crisis in Zimbabwe an international emergency. He said it is now an international crissis verses a nationtional crisis because its a disease and diseases cross boarders. He is calling on President Robert Mugabe of the African nation to do something. Brown believes that the governement in zimbabwe is broken and that something needs to be done. The outbreak has killed more than 600 people in Zimbabwe and continues to spread. Cholera is a bonewater disease. The UN blammed poor water and sanitation supply and a collapsed health system. Those that have been affected by the disease are fleeing to other countries to seek medical attention because they can't get any in zimbabwe, and doing this is just spreading the disease further.

The CNN article gives a lot of information about how the spreading is occuring and how they are trying to prevent it from spreading further. There is a lot of background information on the government in zimbabwe and how it needs to change to help fix this problem.
The BCC news focuses on the fact that zimbabwe needs new leadership and that the spread of cholera is a perfect example of things that are going wrong there and need to be fixed.

November 28, 2008

Iowa game action

A couple was caught in a handicapped stall of a bathroom at the Metrodome having sex during the Minnesota- Iowa game on Satuday. The 38-year-old woman from Iowa was having sex with a 26-year-old Iowa man. The woman gave police a fake name until she was identified by her husband who was also at the game. The 26-year-old man was at the game with his girlfriend. The Iowa pair were being cheered on by a crowd of drunk onlookers.
The minnesota article focused on the humor of the story with a kind of 'sucks for you' tone. The article ended with a quote from a police cheif about it being a long ride home to Iowa.

The article from Iowa told the story of the effects that the publicity of the sex act has had on her. She is a married mother of three that was fired from her job after they found out about the inncident. She says she didnt even know the man and she was drunk from drinking wine before the game at a friends house.

Mumbai shootings

They are still looking for the final gunman involved in the shootings in Mumbai, India that occurred this week. The death toll is now up to 160 and 327 injured. The attacks ocurred in 9 different locations and Indian officials suggest that the terrorists came from pakistan. Among those killed were Indian police and military, a rabbi, an American father and teen daughter, and a British yacht magnate. The gunmen were in their twenties and were said to cleary be trained somewhere. Witnesses say that the shooters shot with no remorse, shooting at Taj Mahal Hotel guest. Bodies of several hostages were found.
The article on cnn has many details filling you in on the information about all of the attacks, incase a reader hadn't heard about the attacks the occurred in mumbai. They talk a lot about the different foreigners who were killed and talk a little about the two americans that got killed. They also released their names and said they were there for a meditations. The UK article doesn't mentions the americans but instead focuses on the fact that even thought british identification was found on two of the suspects that non of them were infact british.

Black Friday turns Deadly

On the biggest shopping day of the year, the last things someone expects to happen is that they will die. A temporary worker at a Wal-mart in Valley Stream, New York was trampled to death when he opened the doors at 5am. Hundreds of people just stepped ontop of him. Video footage showed at least a dozen people getting pushed to the floor and trampled. By the time the police got there they were even be pushed around by the crowd. It is estimated the crowd was about 2,000 people who began lining up at 9pm on Thanksgiving night. The crowd pushed forward so hard when the worker came to the door that they broke the doors open. Others in a crowd suffered broken ankles and other minor injuries and w pregnant woman was rushed to the hospital.
This article tied in a story about a shooting that occured in a California Toy R Us on Black Friday as well. It went back and forth between the stories. They did this because it is odd that there were multiple deaths due to the chaos on Black Friday. There was a photo of an ambulence outside of the Toys R Us even though most of the story was about Walmart.
The article from CBS featured a video taken on a cell phone of the police and EMTs giving the man CPR. People giggle in the background and make comments in the background that are really disturbing.

November 23, 2008

Bank Robber

A man robbed the U.S. Federal Credit Union on friday and the same man is believed to be responsible for the U.S. bank branch robbery on Wednesday. On Friday the man gave the teller a note demanding money. The teller handed over the cash to the man and the man fled. Authorities are not saying how much the robber took. He is desribed as a 5-foot 7-inch tall whit male with wavy black of brown hair and mustache, between the ages of 45 and 55. Police are still looking for the suspect.

The article didn't have a lot of information but basically was just making the public aware that this was going on.

Mall Shooting

Police are still looking for the suspects in a shooting at a mall in washington. An argument started between a group of four males ages 18-20. One of them men took out a gun and began to shoot. One was killed and one critically injured. Two other people were rushed to the hospital. One man with minor injuries and one woman who went into labor. The mall was locked down and police did a store by store search for the shooters. They found two men but neither was the shooter. Witnesses said people were just screaming and running. police are investigating if it was a gang related shooting.

The CNN article was really to the point. It gave you the information you needed to know what happened in the sotry. The article from Kirotv, which is the city in which the shooting accured, there were descriptions of the suspects, and more personal testimonies from people that were there. They also mentioned that in 2005 a man was shot and died at the mall and another shooting that occured because of a drug deal outside of the mall.

17 Militants killed

Afghan forces and their allies killed 17 militants including Mullah Asad, who was a senior taliban opperator. An ISAF spokesperson said that the death of Asad would have a significant effect on the Talibans ability to operate. He was said to be a mid-level taliban commander. During this operation four civilians were killed. They also discovered and distroyed small weapon caches.

The aritlce focused on how important it was that Mullah Asad was killed, they mentioned that civilians were killed but the story was how much of an impact the death of Asad will have on the Talibans ability to perform.

November 16, 2008

15 year old shot

15-year-old Jacob MacKenzie was found dead on his front porch. They police have a suspect and are activley looking for him. His name was released The suspects name is Alfredo Gutierrez-Gonzales. Police said that the two knew each other but that they don't believe that Gonzales is dangerous. There was another shooting that happened in the same night and a gun was found in a field near the house that is believed to be responsible for both shootings.

The article focused more on Mackenzies relationship with his mother more than it did on the details of the shooting. It talked a lot about how he used to wait up for his mom until she got back from work and what kind of kid he was.

Japan Recession

The worlds number two economy, Japan is now in a recession. The country's gross domestic product has dropped .4% this year, which is second to the united states. Others around the world have also seen a decline in their economy. The Russian stock market lost 65.5% of its value since the beginning of the year. On Friday the European Union declared their 15th country into recession.
The strong value of the yen drove international investors away. The more the yen went up the worse their stock market got.

The article talks about how not only Japans economy is down but also others around the world. It even directs readers to another article about the possible recessions in other countries, small and large, around the world.
The Austrailian Article focuses on the effect that the recession will have on their country. Japan is Austrailias top export destination so they focused a lot on how it would effect them.

California Fires

California wild fires are always a problem. But one of three of a large fires that are burning right now seems to be human caused. The fire has destroyed 210 homes in Santa Barbara, Ca. They are looking for the publics help to identify anything that could have caused the fire around November 13th. The fire has burned 1,940 acres of land. The winds are not helping, and causing the fires to spread quickly. The fire has burned through many homes including homes where celebrities live such a Oprah. Together the three fires have burned over 20,000 acres and have displaced over 10,000 people from their homes. Gov. Arnold Swartzenager has declared a state of emergency.

The CNN article focuses more on the real people who are being affected by these fires. They get accounts from people who have lost their homes and from firefighters. They focus on the efforts being made to find what started this fire. While the TMZ article is all based around the celebrities and what they have lost. It gives the basic background information but doesn't mention really much more except which celebrities have lost their homes to the fire.

November 9, 2008


Hurriunce Paloma hit cuba this week and destroyed hundreds of homes. The storm was a category 4 and had winds of up to 145 mph. The article on NBC had stories from a few people who surivived the storm. They also touched on all the the damage caused by the storm. About a third of the article was about past storms that had hit the area and compairing them to this storm. About a third was a personal story about someone who lost everything in the storm. There were a lot of quotes that made you feel sympathetic towards those that lost things.

The article in the star tribune was much shotter and consise. It focuses on the basic information and has a couple quotes but it doesnt get into an indepth personal story like the NBC article does.


On Tuesday Barack Obama became the 44th president of the united states and the 1st black president. In the aritcle from the washington post they talked about how much obama wants to do and how he is going to work hard to clean up the mess that president bush made. Its very optimistic about how much he can do and is willing to do. It talked about how much of a step forward this is and how much of a big deal it is.

The article in the arkansas news is formed differetly. This state is known as a very republican state. In the aritcle it focuses on the pressure that is on barack obama to perform and to keep all the promises that he has made. They talked about how all during his campaign he talked about how he was going to change things and yes we can and now that he was elected he was saying, yes we can,it will take time but we will. They made it seem like he isnt going to be able to perform the way that he promised.

Outdoor smoking ban

The university of minnnesota is trying to pass a smoking ban on campus. Years ago minnesota passed a smoking ban to ban smoking in all bars and resturants. Initially many minnesotains were oppoesed but as more info was released the ban got more popular. Now the ban is supported by over 77% of minnesotians. The university of minnesota is now using this as evidence that once the ban is in place people are more infavor of it. Since the act, called the Freedom to Breathe Act was passed smoking rates have lowered to the lowest ever. There are already 160 university campuses that have the ban in place. If the university of minnesota decides to pass the ban then it would be the first big 10 school to put the ban in place.