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Black Friday turns Deadly

On the biggest shopping day of the year, the last things someone expects to happen is that they will die. A temporary worker at a Wal-mart in Valley Stream, New York was trampled to death when he opened the doors at 5am. Hundreds of people just stepped ontop of him. Video footage showed at least a dozen people getting pushed to the floor and trampled. By the time the police got there they were even be pushed around by the crowd. It is estimated the crowd was about 2,000 people who began lining up at 9pm on Thanksgiving night. The crowd pushed forward so hard when the worker came to the door that they broke the doors open. Others in a crowd suffered broken ankles and other minor injuries and w pregnant woman was rushed to the hospital.
This article tied in a story about a shooting that occured in a California Toy R Us on Black Friday as well. It went back and forth between the stories. They did this because it is odd that there were multiple deaths due to the chaos on Black Friday. There was a photo of an ambulence outside of the Toys R Us even though most of the story was about Walmart.
The article from CBS featured a video taken on a cell phone of the police and EMTs giving the man CPR. People giggle in the background and make comments in the background that are really disturbing.