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California Fires

California wild fires are always a problem. But one of three of a large fires that are burning right now seems to be human caused. The fire has destroyed 210 homes in Santa Barbara, Ca. They are looking for the publics help to identify anything that could have caused the fire around November 13th. The fire has burned 1,940 acres of land. The winds are not helping, and causing the fires to spread quickly. The fire has burned through many homes including homes where celebrities live such a Oprah. Together the three fires have burned over 20,000 acres and have displaced over 10,000 people from their homes. Gov. Arnold Swartzenager has declared a state of emergency.

The CNN article focuses more on the real people who are being affected by these fires. They get accounts from people who have lost their homes and from firefighters. They focus on the efforts being made to find what started this fire. While the TMZ article is all based around the celebrities and what they have lost. It gives the basic background information but doesn't mention really much more except which celebrities have lost their homes to the fire.