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Japan Recession

The worlds number two economy, Japan is now in a recession. The country's gross domestic product has dropped .4% this year, which is second to the united states. Others around the world have also seen a decline in their economy. The Russian stock market lost 65.5% of its value since the beginning of the year. On Friday the European Union declared their 15th country into recession.
The strong value of the yen drove international investors away. The more the yen went up the worse their stock market got.

The article talks about how not only Japans economy is down but also others around the world. It even directs readers to another article about the possible recessions in other countries, small and large, around the world.
The Austrailian Article focuses on the effect that the recession will have on their country. Japan is Austrailias top export destination so they focused a lot on how it would effect them.