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Mall Shooting

Police are still looking for the suspects in a shooting at a mall in washington. An argument started between a group of four males ages 18-20. One of them men took out a gun and began to shoot. One was killed and one critically injured. Two other people were rushed to the hospital. One man with minor injuries and one woman who went into labor. The mall was locked down and police did a store by store search for the shooters. They found two men but neither was the shooter. Witnesses said people were just screaming and running. police are investigating if it was a gang related shooting.

The CNN article was really to the point. It gave you the information you needed to know what happened in the sotry. The article from Kirotv, which is the city in which the shooting accured, there were descriptions of the suspects, and more personal testimonies from people that were there. They also mentioned that in 2005 a man was shot and died at the mall and another shooting that occured because of a drug deal outside of the mall.