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Mumbai shootings

They are still looking for the final gunman involved in the shootings in Mumbai, India that occurred this week. The death toll is now up to 160 and 327 injured. The attacks ocurred in 9 different locations and Indian officials suggest that the terrorists came from pakistan. Among those killed were Indian police and military, a rabbi, an American father and teen daughter, and a British yacht magnate. The gunmen were in their twenties and were said to cleary be trained somewhere. Witnesses say that the shooters shot with no remorse, shooting at Taj Mahal Hotel guest. Bodies of several hostages were found.
The article on cnn has many details filling you in on the information about all of the attacks, incase a reader hadn't heard about the attacks the occurred in mumbai. They talk a lot about the different foreigners who were killed and talk a little about the two americans that got killed. They also released their names and said they were there for a meditations. The UK article doesn't mentions the americans but instead focuses on the fact that even thought british identification was found on two of the suspects that non of them were infact british.