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The UK Prime Minister, Gordan Brown has called the cholera crisis in Zimbabwe an international emergency. He said it is now an international crissis verses a nationtional crisis because its a disease and diseases cross boarders. He is calling on President Robert Mugabe of the African nation to do something. Brown believes that the governement in zimbabwe is broken and that something needs to be done. The outbreak has killed more than 600 people in Zimbabwe and continues to spread. Cholera is a bonewater disease. The UN blammed poor water and sanitation supply and a collapsed health system. Those that have been affected by the disease are fleeing to other countries to seek medical attention because they can't get any in zimbabwe, and doing this is just spreading the disease further.

The CNN article gives a lot of information about how the spreading is occuring and how they are trying to prevent it from spreading further. There is a lot of background information on the government in zimbabwe and how it needs to change to help fix this problem.
The BCC news focuses on the fact that zimbabwe needs new leadership and that the spread of cholera is a perfect example of things that are going wrong there and need to be fixed.