December 7, 2008


Brad Pitt started an organization called Make It Right Foundation New Orleans Louisiana. The organization was started to help rebuild the New Orleans after the hurrican Katrina. The article is a interview with Larry King. He starts off the interview by asking about the family and about what Pitt thinks about new president elect Barack Obama. Then it gets into asking Pitt about his foundation. He talks about what they are doing in New Orleans and how other people can help as well. Pitt is working to rebuild the city and it will also be green living. The other article talks about the same things but has many qoutes from other people about what pitt is doing.

November 28, 2008

Black Friday turns Deadly

On the biggest shopping day of the year, the last things someone expects to happen is that they will die. A temporary worker at a Wal-mart in Valley Stream, New York was trampled to death when he opened the doors at 5am. Hundreds of people just stepped ontop of him. Video footage showed at least a dozen people getting pushed to the floor and trampled. By the time the police got there they were even be pushed around by the crowd. It is estimated the crowd was about 2,000 people who began lining up at 9pm on Thanksgiving night. The crowd pushed forward so hard when the worker came to the door that they broke the doors open. Others in a crowd suffered broken ankles and other minor injuries and w pregnant woman was rushed to the hospital.
This article tied in a story about a shooting that occured in a California Toy R Us on Black Friday as well. It went back and forth between the stories. They did this because it is odd that there were multiple deaths due to the chaos on Black Friday. There was a photo of an ambulence outside of the Toys R Us even though most of the story was about Walmart.
The article from CBS featured a video taken on a cell phone of the police and EMTs giving the man CPR. People giggle in the background and make comments in the background that are really disturbing.

November 23, 2008

Mall Shooting

Police are still looking for the suspects in a shooting at a mall in washington. An argument started between a group of four males ages 18-20. One of them men took out a gun and began to shoot. One was killed and one critically injured. Two other people were rushed to the hospital. One man with minor injuries and one woman who went into labor. The mall was locked down and police did a store by store search for the shooters. They found two men but neither was the shooter. Witnesses said people were just screaming and running. police are investigating if it was a gang related shooting.

The CNN article was really to the point. It gave you the information you needed to know what happened in the sotry. The article from Kirotv, which is the city in which the shooting accured, there were descriptions of the suspects, and more personal testimonies from people that were there. They also mentioned that in 2005 a man was shot and died at the mall and another shooting that occured because of a drug deal outside of the mall.

November 16, 2008

Japan Recession

The worlds number two economy, Japan is now in a recession. The country's gross domestic product has dropped .4% this year, which is second to the united states. Others around the world have also seen a decline in their economy. The Russian stock market lost 65.5% of its value since the beginning of the year. On Friday the European Union declared their 15th country into recession.
The strong value of the yen drove international investors away. The more the yen went up the worse their stock market got.

The article talks about how not only Japans economy is down but also others around the world. It even directs readers to another article about the possible recessions in other countries, small and large, around the world.
The Austrailian Article focuses on the effect that the recession will have on their country. Japan is Austrailias top export destination so they focused a lot on how it would effect them.

November 9, 2008


On Tuesday Barack Obama became the 44th president of the united states and the 1st black president. In the aritcle from the washington post they talked about how much obama wants to do and how he is going to work hard to clean up the mess that president bush made. Its very optimistic about how much he can do and is willing to do. It talked about how much of a step forward this is and how much of a big deal it is.

The article in the arkansas news is formed differetly. This state is known as a very republican state. In the aritcle it focuses on the pressure that is on barack obama to perform and to keep all the promises that he has made. They talked about how all during his campaign he talked about how he was going to change things and yes we can and now that he was elected he was saying, yes we can,it will take time but we will. They made it seem like he isnt going to be able to perform the way that he promised.

October 26, 2008

Jennifer Hudson

Oscar award winner Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother were found dead Friday. They were found shot to death in their home on the south side of chicago. Her 7-year-old nephew, who was home with them is now missing. Hudson is offereing a $100,000 for the safe return of her nephew. Police have also issued an amber alert and posters have been posted around the area. Police have taken someone into custody but not said who. The suspect is hudson's brother in law, who is on parole after spending seven years in jail for attempted murder.

The CNN article is very factual. They don't have any quotes and give the basic information about the details of the murders and kidknapping. They also give a description of Jullian and talk about what is being done to find him.

The article is basically a bunch of quotes about how much the support of the community is helping and how much the family appreciates everything that is being done.,,20235905,00.html

September 14, 2008

Chicago Rain

On Saturday Chicago received more rainfall then they have in the last 137 years. About 40 homes were evacuated and an estimated 90 billion gallons of water fell. They city got to work fast and started sandbagging. They are trying to get the flooding under control.