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T.V shows

T.V show: One of my favorite shows is Lost on ABC on thursday nights at 9 o'clock. It is a thrilling and exilarating series that continues to push the envelope. It's about a group of people suck on an island. They try to find ways to escape but face new and commaning challenges. The cast is evenly distributed into males and females and the roles assigned in most cases isn't sexist. Women could either be the hero on one episode or the distraction in the other. I dislike that sometimes it has a tendency to become a little unreaslistic.

T.V show: Another television sho I enjoy is Best week ever on fridays on VH1. It is a very funny show that I have been following for quite some time now. The show is formatted in such a way that releases comedic perfection. A bunch of comedians just comment on whatever goes on in the media. Whether it is about what Britney spears did one week or the other or whatever else is the topic of the week. The comedians are the stars of the show and are evenly distributed into the two sexes. I like the homur in the show but it sometimes could become a drag if one comedian isn't quite as funny as the others.

T.V show: One of my other favorites is Sportcenter. It is sbout sports as one could easily deriv from the title. It talks about whatever new topics are being circulated in the air. It can sometimes be funny. I love basketball a lot and it does a good job in it's presentation of its news. The broadcaster are very evenly distributed for a sports show and talks about women sports as ell as men sports. It is very up-to-date which I like. I am never lacking behind in any sports argument between me and my friends. Sometimes I wish they spent more time talking about basketball than othe sperts but that's just me.