Pennsylvania voter Id law under further court review

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By Sarah Barchus

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court sent a case on voter identification law back to a lower court on Tuesday to determine if alternative identification is made readily available or if the law inhibits voters, the Central News Network reported.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court gave Judge Robert Simpson until Oct. 2 to show that the law causes "no voter disenfranchisement." If he is unable, the law will not be in effect for the November elections, The New York Times reported.

Pennsylvania and 10 other states have passed voter Id laws. According to conservatives, the laws maintain the integrity of elections by preventing voter identity fraud. However, liberals said the laws discourage minority groups and the poor who may not have traditional Ids from voting, The New York Times reported.

Advocacy groups like the American Civil Liberties Union said the law is designed to reduce the number of democrats at the polls, CNN reported. However, Pennsylvania Deputy Secretary of State Shannon Royer said the law is clearly constitutional, CNN reported.

Witold Walczak, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania said the court cannot rely on government officials assurances, the New York Times reported.

The law will be reviewed before the presidential election when Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes could be significant, The New York Times reported.

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