Police pursue murder case after fire killed more than 250

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by Sarah Barchus

Pakistani police said they have opened a murder case against the owner of a garment factory in Karachi where 258 people perished in a fire on Tuesday, the Star Tribune reported.

Amir Farooqi, senior official of the Karachi police, said police are investigating the factory owner, Abdul Azziz. Factory managers, shareholders, government officials responsible for the enforcement of safety regulations and Azziz's two sons are also under investigation, according to the Central News Network.

Locked emergency exit doors and bundles of cloth blocked escape paths while the building burned, the Star Tribune reported. Remains from 258 people have been recovered from the building and recovery crews are searching for the missing.

Police are trying to locate Azziz and his sons who are believed to be "hiding," said Farooqi. No arrests have been made. Karachi Fire Department Chief, Ehtesham Salim, said investigators are still determining what caused the fire, CNN reported.

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