Mom regularly did heroine with 12-year-old daughter

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By Sarah Barchus

A Minnesota mom who admitted to police that she regularly smoked heroine with her 12-year-old daughter appeared in court Monday, the Star Tribune reported.

Rebecca Rachelle Hill, 37, was charged with child endangerment, second-degree drug sale and motor vehicle theft after she was arrested on Oct. 14 at the Mall of America for shoplifting with her daughter, the Star Tribune reported.

According to charging documents, Hill gave originally gave police a fake name and said she was from California. When police verified that the name did not exist, Hill and her daughter clung to each other and cried, the Pioneer Press reported.

After police discovered Hill's true identity, her daughter was released to the girl's grandmother. Hill is being held in Hennepin County Jail, the Pioneer Press reported.

The day after the arrest, the girl's father called police and said his daughter was "feeling terrible" and had told him that her mother gave her marijuana and smoked heroine with her three times a day for the past two weeks, the Star Tribune reported.

The girl was hospitalized for withdrawal at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital where doctors found both drugs in her system, the Star Tribune reported. After the girl was released, her father said she was making progress in therapy and in school. According to court documents, the girl said that was anxious and had been cutting herself, the Star Tribune reported.

Hill told police that she and her daughter were homeless and were living "here and there," the Star Tribune reported. According to the charges Hill borrowed a car from her aunt and didn't return it. The documents also said Hill told police that she planned to sell the stolen clothing to "a lady" she knew.

Hill told police that her daughter "likes to do the same things that she does and that (she) 'most likely' uses heroin because she does," the Pioneer Press reported.

Bloomington Police Detective Christopher Yates said Monday that this was one of the worst narcotics cases he has seen, the Star Tribune reported.

"I've seen cases with kids involved, but never where the mother was ever actually getting the kid high," the Star Tribune reported Yates said.

Hill's bail is $75,000, or $50,000 with conditions to be drug-free and stay away from her daughter. Her next court appearance is scheduled for Nov. 19, the Star Tribune reported.

The girl's father said his first priority is "taking care of my daughter," the Star Tribune reported. He will petition for his daughter's custody at a hearing this week.

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