Sandy claims 38, leaves millions without power

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By Sarah Barchus

Hurricane Sandy claimed the lives of at least 38 people and left millions on the East Coast without electricity as it drove ashore Monday night, the Star Tribune reported.

Sandy's 80 mph winds and record 14-foot-high water walls thrashed lower Manthatan, flooding the World Trade Center construction zone and forcing the New York Stock Exchange to remain closed for a second day, the first time since the Blizzard of 1888, the Star Tribune reported.

Sandy also flooded NYU Langone Medical Center's basement, displacing 260 patients as well as sick newborns that nurses had to carry down nine flights of stairs due to power outages. Babies on respirators had to receive air from manual pumps during transport, the Cable News Network reported.

In addition to the wind and water, fire menaced Queen's Breezy point neighborhood, burning over 80 homes to the ground, CNN reported.

Sandy also caused blizzard-like conditions in Appalachian states with more than 2 feet of snow expected in some areas, the Star Tribune reported.

New York, was closed to cars, trains, and airplanes, the Star Tribune reported. Although people's travel was restricted, Sandy 's winds reached beyond state borders and caused Lake Michigan's waves to climb to 20.3 feet, tying the record high, the Star Tribune reported.

The government predicted Sandy's wind damage alone could result in more than $7 billion in economic loss. The full damages remain to be seen, CNN reported.
"The path of destruction that she left in her wake is going to be felt for quite some time," New York City Michael Bloomberg said.

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