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By Sarah Barchus

In a Cable News Network article that addressed Hilary Clinton's statement about the Benghazi attack, the reporter exemplified the traditional speech coverage structure and connected the event to its effects on U.S. politics to help readers understand the overarching importance of the statement and the event.

The lead included the who (Secretary of State Hilary Clinton) because she is well know, the date (Monday) and the most important point of the statement (the claim of responsibility).

The lead is followed by a long quote that supports the main point mentioned in the lead. The second paragraph begins with "I take responsibility," which clearly connects to the overall theme of Clinton's statement and the article.

The next paragraph summarizes what Clinton said about the current investigation, which is then followed by a block quote reiterating the summary in Clinton's own words.

Next, the reporter chose to remind readers what happened in Benghaz. The reporter then introduced a context paragraph referring to the Vice Presidential debate and what Joe Biden said on the issue.

The reporter used two more block quotes by Clinton further iterate the issue's effects on America's political climate in light of the upcoming election. The reporter used these quotes as a natural transition to introduce the opposition's view on the matter and to present reactions from Republicans on Clinton's statement.

To close the article, the reporter summarized Clinton's goal to prevent future attacks and ended with more direct quotes on Clinton's aims and strategy.

Because the reporter used substantial direct quotes, the article focused on Clinton's words and thus maintained a common thread. The reporter also gave the readers a picture of the broad effects of the Benghazi attack by including other people's quotes and background content outside of Clinton's statement.

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