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By Sarah Barchus

In an updated article on the cross-border firing between Turkey and Syria, the Cable News Network changed the lead, added to body and revised and moved existing paragraphs to reflect the current status of the situation.

The earlier story led with Turkey striking back at Syria in retaliation for citizens' deaths. That lead focused on the action against Syria and the wrong Syria had committed; it was fully action based. The current lead reports that Turkey is continuing to strike back, which shows more action, but also immediately includes Turkey's mindset that it has "no interest in war with Syria." That partial quote alludes to the US official's statement in the earlier article that both countries have an would have an interest in avoiding war. Turkey's mindset and plan of action is the main focus of the article.

CNN used a revised version of their first lead in the second paragraph of the current article to remind readers what has taken place. The next few paragraphs describe the relationship between Turkey and Syria, which puts the event in context. This contrasts with the earlier article, which focused more on details of the initial shelling and Turkey's reaction through quotes by government officials and concerned citizens and detailed the relationship later in the article.

CNN advanced the story by focusing less on information about the initial shelling and more on updated details like which Syrian sites Turkey targeted and Turkey's plan for moving forward. CNN reported on the resolution before the Turkish parliament, which it is not to be considered a war resolution, but rather a resolution to protect the border and retaliate when necessary. These paragraphs expand upon the partial quote used in the lead and show Turkey's mindset. CNN also broadens the scope of the story by including Russia 's reaction to the situation (the country is a friend to Syria) and the events taking place in Damascus.

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