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By Sarah Barchus

In an article from the Pioneer Press, reporter Ruben Rosario told the story of a Somali youth group breaking a stereotype of violence and receiving the FBI leadership award.

While the Ka Joog youth group's actions are what truly slashed at the stigmas about Somali youth, Rosario highlighted the group's triumph in a way that helped readers see more to what may be perceived as a violent demographic.

Rosario first explained that many Somalis get caught up in gang-violence and missions to join terrorist groups back in Somalia. Thus, he outlined the general view on Somali youth and recognized that this is what usually is discussed in the news.

He then shattered this image with the story of the youth-run Ka Joog group that develops mentorship programs and activities to interest Somali youth in education, music and the arts to combat, peacefully, as Rosario put it, the "violence and radicalization that has claimed too many of them."

In order to accurately depict the group, Rosario included perspectives from the Farah brothers Mohamed and Abdifatah, who founded the group, and active group member Abdul Mohamed, who extended the group's reach by helping inner city kids have an outdoor experience.

Rosario also used quotes from FBI Special Agent Chris Warrener and Abdirizak Ali Bihi, co-founder of the Somali Education and Social Advocacy Center, to emphasize the group's impact on their community.

Receiving the FBI's award was an outward sign of the inward changes the Ka Joog are making within their community. By telling this story, Rosario showed newsreaders that not all Somali youth have succumbed to violent influences. Rosario broke the negative, and perhaps stereotypical, Somali youth news stories by sharing the positive side.

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