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By Sarah Barchus

Abdul Mohamed, head of public relations for the Somali youth group Ka Joog, was interviewed over the phone by Ruben Rosario for an article in the Pioneer Press that covered the group's acceptance of the FBI leadership award.

Mohamed said it was a "good article" that accurately portrayed the struggles facing the Somali youth.

Mohamed said that what impressed him the most was that Rosario "focused on what it really meant to accept the award."

"Rosario was the only reporter who asked the tough question," Mohamed said.

Rosaario asked how the community would respond to the award. Mohamed said Rosario asked if after Ka Joog accepted the award, if the community would regard the group, as Mohamed put it, "as snitches."

This deals with a sensitive cultural issue. Mohamed said that although the Somali youth are "a minority and first generation immigrants, they are still citizens" and they need to be reminded that the "FBI protects their civil liberties."

Mohamed said that their organization's acceptance of the award will hopefully open the community's eyes to that reality.

Mohamed said that although he would have liked to add many things about Ka Joog, like the fact that they are in the process of opening an art center, he knows the information would be out of place in the award article.

Mohamed said Rosario did "a great job representing the organization."

Abdul Mohamed

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