President Morsy faces conflict over edict

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By Sarah Barchus

President Mohamed Morsy and members of Egypt's highest judicial body will meet Monday regarding Morsi's recent edict that limited judicial power, the Cable News Network reported.

The Supreme Judicial Counsel disapproved of Thursday's edict, which placed all created law from the time Morsy took office until the constitution is finished in six months beyond judicial review, CNN reported.

The edict also fired Egypt's prosecutor general, which Morsy's office "deemed necessary in order to hold accountable those responsible for the corruption as well as other crimes during the previous regime and the transitional period," CNN reported.

Government and party officials said Morsy's power claim was necessary to protect the writing of the constitution and that it would expire after the constitution is finished, the New York Times reported.

Justice Minister Ahmed Mekki said that the edict's "means, the tools and the wording caused exactly the opposite of what was required," the New York Times reported.

Two of Morsy's advisers, Farouk Guweida and Samir Morcos have resigned in protest of the edict, CNN reported.

Thousands have protested Morsy's power move and some have vowed to occupy Tahrir Square, CNN reported.

The Muslim Brotherhood, supportive of Morsy, announced a "million man" demonstration in at Cairo's Abdeen Square. The demonstration is planned for Tuesday, when the opposition has planned a major protest, CNN reported.

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