St. Paul driver on trial for death of high school student

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By Sarah Barchus

A St. Paul man went on trial Monday for running over a 16-year-old girl by Harding High School and then attempting to drive away in July, the Star Tribune reported.

Carlos Viveros Colorado went on trial at the Ramsey County District Court on charges of criminal vehicular homicide and criminal vehicular injury, the Pioneer Press reported.

Colorado waived his right to a jury trial and Ramsey County District Judge John Van De North will deliver the verdict, the Star Tribune reported.

Clarisse Grime was waiting with her boyfriend Eduardo Vasquez Torres, 17, for the bus after summer school on July 5th when they heard a car coming toward them, the Pioneer Press reported.

"We looked back, and my instinct was to move. I think she was just in shock or something," Torres said, the Pioneer Press reported.

Colorado jumped out of the way, but the car hit Grime. Dr. Victor Froloff of the Ramsey County medical examiner's office said Grime died at the scene from traumatic head injuries, the Star Tribune reported.

Prosecutor Elizabeth Lamin said Colorado was speeding going east on Third Street toward Hazelwood when he crossed the centerline, hit a fire hydrant and a "no parking sign", and slid down the hill where Grime and Vazquez were sitting, the Pioneer Press reported.

Colorado's attorney, Alberto Miera, said that Colorado experienced numbness in his leg and arm and tried to hit the brake, but instead hit the gas and lost control of the car, the Star Tribune reported.

Torres, who was bruised from the incident, said he went over to the SUV where Colorado was revving the engine in his attempt to flee. Torres said Colorado didn't ask if he was ok and he didn't check on Grime, the Pioneer Press reported.

Miera said Colorado told officers about the numbness but was not taken to a hospital for evaluation, the Star Tribune reported.

Torres and other witnesses including St. Paul officer Mike Tharalson said they saw Colorado walking by the SUV without problems, the Star Tribune reported.

Testimonies continue Tuesday, the Star Tribune reported.

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