May 10, 2007

Furkan Sener 2ECOND

Furkan Sener F1RST 4

Furkan Sener F1RST 3

Furkan Sener F1RST 2

Furkan Sener F1RST 1

Yildizhan Atahan Sketches 3

Yildizhan Atahan Sketches 2

Yildizhan Atahan Sketches 1

these are my first drafts

Orkun Sanal Duluth Freehand Sketches

these pieces are really crude for now...
the ones at bottom are a little ok but not yet finished of course. these are based on railways, bridges..first paper sketches are coming soon.

Melike Ozmen First Drafts 4

Melike Ozmen First Drafts 3

Melike Ozmen First Drafts 2

Melike Ozmen First Drafts 1

These are my first drafts. I'm going to work on light house..

Gokhan Kilicer Sketches

these are just my first sketches

Eriscan Turk Sketch 4