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ankara logo

here is my second version of the Ankara logo. Using lines to represent the tower and subway.....any comments or suggestions?
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I dig the sketchy, hand-drawn quality that resonates through the image and typeface. I can see how the 'A' and 'T' are able to fit into that swoosh, but they feel a little forced. I think that part of that may be the color choices - although the two colors create good contrast, the edges appear to vibrate too much for how thin the strokes of the type face are. Could the swoosh be turned into part of the 'A' and 'T' rather than having them tucked up underneath it? Also, a minor point - the top right edge of the image curves upwards whereas the rest of the lines are very straight and precise in comparison. Although it looks hand-drawn, the curve is a little distracting and disrupts the flow a little bit.