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Twin Bombs kill 16 in India


Two bombs that were planted on bicycles in a crowded part of town kills 16 and injures 117 people in New Delhi, police commissioner Anurag Sharma said.

Unfortunately, police and investigators are unsure of who placed and/or set off the bombs because, according to reports, the bombs were improvised explosive devices, and could have been triggered by a timer.

India had intelligence agency warnings of a security threat several days before two bombs went off in a market in the city of Hyderabad, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said. Seeing as they had a warning of this attack, it is devastating for the country and the Singh calls the strike a "dastardly attack" and said the perpetrators will be punished.

Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde faced anger over the attack from opposition politicians who questioned whether the government had done enough to prevent it after the warning. Police said two of three security cameras at the market were not working at the time.

Signh has directed government agencies to extend relief to authorities in Andhra Pradesh state, according to reports. Also, the Prime Minister has approved of money being sent to any other group of people injured or killed in this horrible event.

As of now, no group claimed responsibility and Shinde said it was too early to make accusations, according to authorities.

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