February 20, 2007

Something Like Faith

I never knew that the U of M had a blogging site. I am very excited to take this opportunity to take about my day to day experinces with the University of Minnesota. I have spent the past ten years of my life living at the U, working at the U, and trying to graduate from the U. Coming up on this September, I will have been in college for a decade. It is my goal to graduate and walk across Northrup stage. At one point, I stood on the stage of Northrup and addressed what would have been the class of 2007. I should have been in the class of 2003. However, due to so many circumstances that I never would have seen, I am now about to be a part of the class who viewed me as a leader.

I stood on that stage and spoke to them. I said "You've come to one of the best research institutions in the country. There are so many opportunities here for you to learn, and to get involved. We have over 230 registered student groups, and you can even form your own group! You come here hungry for learning, and the table has been set for you. You just have to go to the table to eat!"

So now I hear those words, and I will attempt to address them to myself. I need to come up with almost six thousand dollars in back tuition and I need to pass the spanish LPE before I can graduate. I have never been closer to my goal, but it has never seemes so far away. I am grateful to have this blog so that I can share with some other members of the University community what life has been like attempting to graduate from the U of M when life has taken several twists and turns.

I still believe the U is the greatest school ever. I more than anything want to see it become a top 3 research institution. But I also want to see undergraduates coming out and graduating, and loving their experience. And graduating in under 5 years. Some of the smartest people I know have not been able to get the classes they needed, or have had some other reason that they have not yet graduated from college. I still believe the U has some of the greatest resources for its students, but those resources go untapped by the majority of the population.

I will graduate in under a decade. I wanna be a tried and true member of the UMAA. I have something like faith in me that tells me I can do it. I invite you to follow along!