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Family Stay

Well we just finished our first official family stay. I had a really great time once we actually got into the village and met with our families. Callie and I stayed with the sweeted older lady! She was a great mom! It was kinda weird at first because we didn't understand her and she didn't understand us. But i think as things continued just smiling at one another was enough. At night she made us a green mango for a snack and she also showed us the cleaning and soaking of the sticky rice. In the morning our mom woke us and showed us the rest of the preparation for the sticky rice and how she gave the crusties to the chickens and gave a little bit of the best rice as a sacrifice. I was a little freaked out to go to bed that night because of all the bugs so I was really glad that we were in pairs at the house. Callie really put me at ease telling me that she would protect me, Thanks Callie for the peace of mind!!! Today we also went the the elephant hospital which was really sad to see all the sick elephants, but it made me slightly happy that the workers there cared so much for those gentle giants that they were willing to run a place like that. -LCM

Posted by Lynette McCambridge