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My family stay experience

First, we arrived for a dinner celebration that the village put on for us. Some of us played volleyball with the kids and after our dinner they shared a few songs with us and we showed them the hokey pokey! It's amazing that even though we don't speak the same language we can still communicate! We went with our families to then spend the night. I was a little nervous at first but our family really made an effort to make up feel at home. They were amazingly nice and very generous. They made us soooo much food. My family's daughter lived next door and some students were staying with her so we all got together and Jennifer taught them all UNO. They caught on so fast and even though we couldn't really talk with eachother we all were laughing and having fun.
What I really took away from this is how you can still share and communicate with people even if you don't speak the same language. We're all a lot more similar then I used to think.

Posted by Jill Heier