February 17, 2005

FOLLOW UP :: The future is now... Terminator style.

The New York Times has jumped on the robot-soldier bandwagon with a multimedia graphic (Holla!), and more juicy quotes from human-soldier advocates of the program:

"They don't get hungry," said Gordon Johnson of the Joint Forces Command at the Pentagon. "They're not afraid. They don't forget their orders. They don't care if the guy next to them has just been shot. Will they do a better job than humans? Yes."

- The Charlie Chan University

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February 1, 2005

I am soooo f*cking into freedom right now...

An alternative take on the resounding success of invisible elections.

- Le Figaro declares a winner in Iraq's elections.
- Iraqi voter registration, which was conveniently linked to food ration registration caused some coincidental incentives for people too afraid to vote:

”Two of the food dealers I know told me personally that our food rations would be withheld if we did not vote,” said Saeed Jodhet, a 21-year-old engineering student… I called khalid in Baghdad twice today to see what was happening, and he said the same thing i heard on the BBC, that an explosion was happening every two minutes!! .

Now for the amazing historical context, because who could have guessed it would have gone so well?...

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January 28, 2005


...something to believe in. I just threw my "Atheists Do It Better" shirt away.

God Hates Shrimp

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January 25, 2005

The future is now... Terminator style.

I like robots as much as the next person, but what the f*ck...

US Plans Robot Troops for Iraq

Officials say the robot warrior is fast, accurate and will track and attack the enemy with relatively little risk to the lives of US soldiers.

Unlike its human counterparts, the armed robot does not require food, clothing, training, motivation or a pension.

"It eliminates the majority of shooting errors you have," said Staff Sgt Santiago Tordillos.

~Charlie Chan

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Wonderfully NSFW

(For those not in the know, NSFW=Not Safe For Work.)

All of these celebrities are OK by me.

Mad Cussin'.

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How does one judge a man?

This is the most horrifying view you'll ever get of our great Senator. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Nasty Norm Coleman's mouth.

It seems Dr. Milnar has removed the page from his site. HaHaHa! Coleman's mouth was so fugly it destroyed itself!

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January 24, 2005

Obligatory Johnny Carson Post #2

I ditto the previous post on my status as a Johnny Carson "fan", but Cursor.org flagged a rare interview with Johnny Carson for a 2002 Esquire Magazine profile:

"Can you believe this Enron mess?" he will lately start in, then go off on George W's flip-flopping: "I love how his good friend 'Kenny Boy' suddenly turned into 'Mr. Lay' . . . Give me a break! It will be a long time before we ever understand what's going on behind that story."

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Obligatory Johnny Carson Post

I wasn't a huge fan of the Tonight Show or Johnny Carson (I actually perferred Dana Carvey and Phil Hartman's version) but I came across this excerpt from one of the shows in the 'blogosphere' and thought it beared repeating.

Read of Johnny Carson's brilliance after the jump.

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"Flashdance" opened the door...

You know, I used to think Rap held the crown when it came to unfettered mysogyny in music videos, but the Dirrty South doesn't have shit on Techno. For some of the most

(male): unbeliveably awesome
(female): horribly degrading

music videos of all time check out InternetDJs Top Dance Videos of All Time. Of particular interest/disgust are the top four. Do not view around impressionable youth (not because of the nudity, but becuase they may get the idea that Techno is a valid form of music).

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January 20, 2005

Old Man Winter Can Suck It

Who else is getting goddamn sick of winter?

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