The Shawshank Redemption

The clip I choose to analyze was the escape scene from the film The Shawshank Redemption. I've always thought that this is one of the best endings to a movie and I really liked how they filmed it. One thing I enjoy about this scene is how they do the lighting; the whole scene is shot at night and the only way reason we are able to see what's going on is buy a little moonlight coming in through a window and the lightning from the storm. Also, the music really adds a lot to the scene. The music starts off very light and slow as he begins his escape, but as he gets closer and closer to escaping it is constantly building and finally when he reaches the outside world the music becomes loud, dramatic and almost heroic. However, not only does the music add to the scene but the sounds going on around him as well, for instance the loud crashing of the lightning or the sound of the pounding rain outside. They use many different camera angles during his escape as well. After he gets out of the whole that he dug through the wall, he has to climb down three stories holding on to sewage pipe, and they use a long shot and pan down as well. Also at the very end of his escape, they use a long shot to show him running away from the place that has locked him up for so many years and then as he stands there with his shirt off, hands raised in the air, they slowly pan upwards, looking down on him from the sky. During the entire escape he is wearing his jail uniform but when he finally gets to freedom he strips out of his jail uniform symbolizing that he is stripping himself from his confinement and that he is now a free man


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