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Film Analysis: Fantastic Mr. Fox

The scene from Fantastic Mr. Fox that I chose to analyze was the scene where Mr. Fox and all the animals are underground trying to escape and steal all the farmers supplies. Mr. Fox is clearly the captain of this group and he begins by going to each member of the group and asking them what their specialty is or what they can do to help. Each animals specialty correlates to what animal they are i.e the beaver is really good at chewing through wood, the mole can see in the dark, the rabbit is fast. While Mr. Fox goes to direct each animal, all the shots are the same, they use quick straight angle shots to show the interaction between Mr. Fox and the other animal, with the animals family standing in the background. They keep the angles consistent until at the end of the clip when Mr. Fox is talking to Ash and the rest of the kids, the director decided to use a first person angle, where the camera was shot as if we were seeing what Mr. Fox was seeing. They used this first person view just to switch up the angles and give the viewer a perspective of how Mr. Fox feels as he is directing everyone around. I really like this clip because its really funny and upbeat, I also like that they have the beach boys 'I Get Around' playing in the background to add to the feeling of the clip. I really enjoyed this whole movie and I think it's one of the most unique and clever movies I've seen in a very long time


Colorado River




Har Mar Superstar @ The Weisman


BFA Exhibit

The piece that stood out to me at the BFA Exhibit in the Quarter Galley was Ben Lansky Experiment #2. In this experiment he taped two cameras back to back, so when someone took a picture it took a picture of themselves as well as a picture of what they were seeing. It was a very simple idea but I thought it was very creative and unique and I liked the idea that something so simple can be portrayed as art. I think it's a cool idea to not only be able to capture an image, but also being able to capture the emotion that the viewer is experiencing while they are taking a picture of the image. It was a simple idea but I really that it was a cool idea and very creative.

BA Show

The piece that stood out to me the most at the BA show was "Intimacy Series 1-9" by Nathan Waldvogel. The piece is 9 separate pictures of different couples naked and embracing each other. The photos portray different types of couples, a man and a woman, two men, and two women. I really enjoy this piece because it highlights that it doesn't matter if your gay or straight, it's just about happiness and love. I think this piece is especially relevant now because sexual orientation is such a controversial topic lately, especially with gay marriage, and I think Nathan is doing his part by showing that regardless of sexual orientation, its all about love and thats all that matters, I like that in these pictures they have the couples smiling and showing a lot of emotion. He also sets these pictures up in a very tasteful way and there's nothing explicit about it, which adds a lot to the piece.

Bird in the Sky

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Protest at the Capital

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Good Dog


The Bean


Chicago Fountain

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Chi City

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All About Spencer

My name is Spencer Barrett and I'm a freshman this year living in Territorial Hall and loving it. I grew up in Edina Minnesota, however I'm not the typical Edina "cake eater" despite stereotypes. I think of my self as a very welcoming and friendly guy and I enjoy making people laugh. I've played basketball and football my whole life and continue to do so on club teams and intramurals with guys I've met from school which I really enjoy doing. I also really enjoy making videos and have made them almost my whole life, which is a main reason I decided to take this class. I plan on being a youtube celebrity one day by making an epic video that gets a million hits, daily. My major is marketing but my passion is making videos and I really hope one day I'll be able to incorporate the two into a profession. Another reason I took this class was because I love being able to be creative and just make nothing into something or just being able to add a personal twist to something to make it your own.

The Trouble Begins At Eight

The piece that stood out to me the most at this gallery was an untitled piece by Juanita Berrio. This piece was extremely unique, Juanita built a stack of pillows about 6 feet high and 10 feet wide. On the wall next to the piece it said "Or that you don't want to see us?", I was pretty confused at what the artist was saying until I saw in the pillow stack it said, "Is It that you don't see us?" To me, the message was portraying individuals that feel invisible to the world or that see themselves at outcasts, and the way they cope with is it is by hiding from the world. It gave me a picture of a kid who feels alone, angry and neglected, asking the world "do you not see me? or do you not want to see me?" so he builds his own little pillow fort like everyone used to do when they were younger just to get away from the world and be by yourself. I thought this piece was extremely unique and visually very stimulating but also had a really thought provoking message as well.

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