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My name is Spencer Barrett and I'm a freshman this year living in Territorial Hall and loving it. I grew up in Edina Minnesota, however I'm not the typical Edina "cake eater" despite stereotypes. I think of my self as a very welcoming and friendly guy and I enjoy making people laugh. I've played basketball and football my whole life and continue to do so on club teams and intramurals with guys I've met from school which I really enjoy doing. I also really enjoy making videos and have made them almost my whole life, which is a main reason I decided to take this class. I plan on being a youtube celebrity one day by making an epic video that gets a million hits, daily. My major is marketing but my passion is making videos and I really hope one day I'll be able to incorporate the two into a profession. Another reason I took this class was because I love being able to be creative and just make nothing into something or just being able to add a personal twist to something to make it your own.

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