Film Analysis: Fantastic Mr. Fox

The scene from Fantastic Mr. Fox that I chose to analyze was the scene where Mr. Fox and all the animals are underground trying to escape and steal all the farmers supplies. Mr. Fox is clearly the captain of this group and he begins by going to each member of the group and asking them what their specialty is or what they can do to help. Each animals specialty correlates to what animal they are i.e the beaver is really good at chewing through wood, the mole can see in the dark, the rabbit is fast. While Mr. Fox goes to direct each animal, all the shots are the same, they use quick straight angle shots to show the interaction between Mr. Fox and the other animal, with the animals family standing in the background. They keep the angles consistent until at the end of the clip when Mr. Fox is talking to Ash and the rest of the kids, the director decided to use a first person angle, where the camera was shot as if we were seeing what Mr. Fox was seeing. They used this first person view just to switch up the angles and give the viewer a perspective of how Mr. Fox feels as he is directing everyone around. I really like this clip because its really funny and upbeat, I also like that they have the beach boys 'I Get Around' playing in the background to add to the feeling of the clip. I really enjoyed this whole movie and I think it's one of the most unique and clever movies I've seen in a very long time


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