The Trouble Begins At Eight

The piece that stood out to me the most at this gallery was an untitled piece by Juanita Berrio. This piece was extremely unique, Juanita built a stack of pillows about 6 feet high and 10 feet wide. On the wall next to the piece it said "Or that you don't want to see us?", I was pretty confused at what the artist was saying until I saw in the pillow stack it said, "Is It that you don't see us?" To me, the message was portraying individuals that feel invisible to the world or that see themselves at outcasts, and the way they cope with is it is by hiding from the world. It gave me a picture of a kid who feels alone, angry and neglected, asking the world "do you not see me? or do you not want to see me?" so he builds his own little pillow fort like everyone used to do when they were younger just to get away from the world and be by yourself. I thought this piece was extremely unique and visually very stimulating but also had a really thought provoking message as well.

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