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3 Minute Egg

The 3-minute egg piece that was very interesting to me was titled "Music Lovers''. It was a play written and directed by a man named Alan Berks which follows what it was like to be apart of the local music scene and to be apart of a band that was trying to make it in the mid 90's. Growing up all of Alan's friends were in a band so he was constantly exposed to the local music scene and he got to experience what it was like to have the band lifestyle since he was always around it. In his play "Music Lovers" there is actually no music in the show, but rather it deals with the lifestyle that these bands are living. I think this is very unique because he could have easily turned it into a musical or something like that, but instead he focused on the point he was trying to convey, even though his actors are very talented musicians. It's also unique because this play isn't directed for the typical people that go to plays but rather for the people that go to the clubs. The director also tried to portray how in society today, there is almost this sense of extended adolsence, where people don't need to figure out what they want to do with their life until their 30. Overall, I really enjoyed this video and I think this would be a very cool play to go see.

The Best Of All Possible Worlds

The piece that I thought was most interesting was by Josh K. Winkler titled "Islands of Agriculture". The piece is from a viewpoint looking down on a giant beautiful blue lake surrounded by big brownish/grey mountains. Even though the scenery he creates is beautiful, the surroundings are not. The land is covered in trash, garbage, and pollution, and in the sky is a two airplanes flying banners behind them. Also in the water are several very large boats as well as a giant power line running through the middle. It is clear that the artist is trying to convey some sort of message of how easily humans can interfere with the environment and how the environment always come second to the industry. This piece is very relevant to issues going on today because obviously the "go green" movement is in full effect and many people are becoming more aware of the way we are treating the environment. Overall, I really like this piece and the message that Josh K. Winkler is trying to convey

Sculpture in the Quarter Gallery

The piece that stood out most to me was a piece titled "Containment" by Laura Nelson. The piece was a wooden shelf that had about 20 jars filled with a random assortment of items. Some of the jars contained, buttons, pins, coins, paper clips, and a bunch of other little trinkets. This piece stood out to me because it made me think about what the artist was trying to convey. I think Laura was trying to convey the idea that everyone is obsessed with possessions and that we all have a desire to hold on to these possessions despite them being completely irrelevant. The piece also made me think of an old man or woman who spends their time collecting these little unimportant trinkets for their own personal enjoyment. I really enjoyed this piece because it was simple, yet it had a unique message.

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