The Best Of All Possible Worlds

The piece that I thought was most interesting was by Josh K. Winkler titled "Islands of Agriculture". The piece is from a viewpoint looking down on a giant beautiful blue lake surrounded by big brownish/grey mountains. Even though the scenery he creates is beautiful, the surroundings are not. The land is covered in trash, garbage, and pollution, and in the sky is a two airplanes flying banners behind them. Also in the water are several very large boats as well as a giant power line running through the middle. It is clear that the artist is trying to convey some sort of message of how easily humans can interfere with the environment and how the environment always come second to the industry. This piece is very relevant to issues going on today because obviously the "go green" movement is in full effect and many people are becoming more aware of the way we are treating the environment. Overall, I really like this piece and the message that Josh K. Winkler is trying to convey

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