Hundreds of Protesters Arrested in Copenhagen

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A few hundred protesters were arrested in Copenhagen on Saturday, while protesting on a global strategy to combat climate change. 

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets and demanded a climate-change agreement that would curb greenhouse gas emissions and aid developing countries harmed by pollution, CNN.

The police and organizers estimated that 60,000 to 100,000 participants joined a long march from Christiansborg Slotsplads, or Castle Square, southward to the Bella Center, the sprawling and heavily fortified convention center where delegates and observers from nearly 200 nations are gathered to seek a consensus, New York Times.

Countries are expected to end negotiations in Copenhagen on an ambitious new climate deal by next Friday, the end of the two-week summit.

Side note on analysis

I just wanted to mention that the type of reporting that the writer did in their story is extremely similar to the type of writing that we perform in our weekly blogs.  1. Search the internet for news, 2, summarize information, 3. take quotes, 5. and source the article.

Final Analysis!

The story that I found was titled Cost of Bay Area bridge project unprecedent, and was found on the Extra Extra page of

This story was basically a brief summary of an article that the reporter had found on a newspapers, San Francisco Panorama, online website. 

It included statistics on the estimated price of the construction for the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.  It summarized information as well as pulled direct quotes from the article.

The computer skills that the reported needed to create this story were very basic.  All they needed to be able to do was search on the internet related articles, which they found, and summarize it. 

Woods takes an indefinite break from golf

Tiger Woods announced that he is taking an indefinite break from professional golf on Friday. 

The announcement came two weeks after a car accident that set in motion a shocking downfall for the world's No. 1 player, which has included sordid allegations of numerous extramarital affairs. One woman even shared a voicemail she said Woods left her two nights before his Nov. 27 accident, according to the New York Times

"After much soul searching, I have decided to take an indefinite break from professional golf," Woods said. "I need to focus my attention on being a better husband, father, and person.", Star Tribune,

The exact time that Woods will take away from golf is unclear, but he has made a strong point to stay out of the public eye since the inciddent.

Teenager racks up a $21,900 cell phone bill.

A 13-year-old boy racked up an almost $22,000 cell phone bill this past month in California.

When Ted Estarija of Hayward, Calif., added his son to his Verizon account, he thought it would cost him an additional $50 a month. He had the phone company restrict his son's calls and texts, according to USA Today.

But Estarija had forgot about downloads. 

Estarija, who recently lost his job, now owes Verizon $21,917.59. His bill shows that his son downloaded 1.5 million kilobytes of data. USA TODAY

"This is not completely his fault," said Estarija. "I put more blame on Verizon than anybody. They shouldn't allow this to happen."

A Verizon spokeswoman told KTVU she couldn't comment specifically about the issue while it is being investigated, but said the company planned to work with Estarija to resolve the problem, according to


An 81 year old woman was tied up after a house invasion

A man tied up an 81-year-old woman during a St. Paul home invasion robbery on Monday.

The women reported to have been tied up for almost seven hours before she was found by the police, the women was not injured.

The woman told officers that she had heard a noise outside before sunrise and discovered a man at her front door who told her a neighbor's house was being broken into, according to the Star Tribune.

As the women called for the police the man broke a window, pushed his way in, and demanded money, according to the Star Tribune.

The woman gave the man money from her purse and asked him to leave, but he demanded more, police said.

The man brought the woman into her bedroom, pushed her onto the bed face-down, tied her hands behind her back and bound her ankles together, Schnell said. He rummaged for valuables in her home for at least an hour, the woman told police, according to the Pioneer Press.

Before the man left, he asked the woman whom she wanted him to call, she said the police.  The man left the area and called the police but gave the wrong address, according to the Start Tribune.

After hours of searching several houses in the neighborhood the police received a call from a relative who had suspicion of her not answering the door.

The police are working on further investigations.

Two men killed and police men wounded in St. Paul Shooting

Two men were killed and a police officer wounded in a St.Paul on Tuesday morning in a pair of shootings.

The officer was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital, and is expected to survive, said Sgt. Paul Schnell, police spokesman. Police fatally shot his assailant, Romell Hill, 19, who they say opened fire on them during a struggle after they chased him from an East Side apartment following an earlier shooting incident, according to the Pioneer Press.

About two hours later, a woman living in the apartment complex reported that some of the participants in the original fight had returned.

Three officers arrived to see two men leaving a ground-level apartment through a window. One surrendered, but the other, Romell Hill, 19, struggled with officers. Hill had his hands under his body, Schnell said, and officers feared he might have a gun. During the struggle, Hill discharged his weapon, striking an officer in the leg, Schnell said. 

All three officers returned fire, killing Hill. He was pronounced dead at the scene,  according to the Star Tribune.

Police are doing further investigation behind the shootings. 

Senate is Voting on Gay Marriage in New York

The State Senate will vote today on whether New York will legalize gay marriage.

The Assembly passed the same-sex marriage bill just past midnight Wednesday, the third time the body has approved the bill since 2007, according to the New York Times.

The legislation needs 32 votes in the 62-member chamber to pass. If four Democrats vote no, that would put the Democratic vote at 28 in favor, meaning four Republicans would have to cross over to vote yes, states the BuffaloNews.

If the bill is approved, New York would join New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Iowa and Massachusetts with gay marriage statutes. The District of Columbia gave a preliminary approval to gay marriage rights on Tuesday. Buffalo News.

The outcome will be posted Wednesday afternoon.

Wisconsin man is accused of poisoning his wife

WATERTOWN, Wis.- A Wisconsin man is being accused of attempting to poison his wife by putting weed killer in her coffee on Tuesday.

The Watertown Daily Times reported Tuesday that 54-year-old Peter Zubke is charged with a felony count of placing foreign objects in edibles. He made his first court appearance Monday.

Police say Zubke's wife contacted them in June, saying she believed her husband had been putting a chemical in her drinks for weeks. Authorities say the State Crime Lab in Madison conducted tests and reported foreign chemicals in the coffee, according to the Pioneer Press.

Zubke is claiming there is no way he would poison his wife and is free on bond.

Denmark is pushing for Electrical Cars

Denmark is now offering a $40,000 tax break as well as free parking in downtown Copenhagen to promote civilians to switch to electric cars.

Electric cars have always been the subject of more talk than action, and only a handful are on the road in Denmark. But now the biggest Danish power company is working with a Silicon Valley start-up in a $100 million effort to wire the country with charging poles as well as service stations that can change out batteries in minutes, according to the New York Times.

Although this plan may seem appealing to a few, some consumers and industry experts are still skeptical.  "There is a psychological barrier for consumers when their car is dependent on a battery station," says one energy professor. "It's risky." Newswer

The Silicon company is making a big push to test in Denmark and Israel, and the push towards electric cars will continue.

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