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Pica Disorder

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Pica is a disorder that is characterized by an appetite for substances that are non-nutritive. An example of what one person might eat would be clay, metal, sand and dirt. It can go to even higher extremes and one might eat batteries, spoons toothbrushes. In my friends roommates case, she eats aluminum can tabs and the white strings that can come from your jeans. Pica can be seen in all ages, but is normally found in women and children. Either way, there are some very serious health hazards such as lead poisoning, bowel problems, intestinal obstruction and dental injury. The reasons for Pica can be linked to a mental disorder, or mineral and iron deficiency. Ways to treat Pica range from a lot of different approaches. If it is a child that keeps putting dirt in their mouth, its just a physical restraint that is needed to keep objects out of the mouth. For older women taking zinc as a supplement will help balance out the chemical imbalances. So todays lesson, don't eat random objects!!!

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